Sunday, September 30, 2012

Studio Space

Yep. You know what that means, or maybe not, but i'm going to tell you anyways. But let me start at the beginning. Jamin got this leading not two days ago about getting a studio space because he is easily distracted by our second bedroom studio space being too close to home, actually in our home and it is only so many steps to the couch when distracted and just a lean to the remote. you get the idea, productivity down the drain, you realize a week later from an occasion like this and you remember "Oh yeah remember that second bedroom studio space just a couple steps away, remember painting in there last week. Oh yeah it can get bad". So we got invited by some friends to attend this fashion photography gallery show in this kind of humanitarian, coffee shop with a purpose, artist collection of people who run the place who happen to all be believers in Christ, place that hosts all of these cool artist and musician events all the time called Downtown Credo and the coffee will rock your world and is bought by donation and serves a purpose. "Sweet, huh" Anyways, so we went to this show and socialized with friends, standing around and talking and Jamin happened upon some people we had never met before Sheila and Chester these two fellow artists and collaborators in starting this new warehouse collective of artist studios. We ended up checking the place out last night and we are going to join getting a corner space by a window for natural light. By next sunday we will officially have an away from home studio space to go and create at once we take my desk and some bookshelves and art supplies over, it will be our new productive inspiring home away from home! This is so cool. It makes me feel like this new chapter has started that God has been leading us towards, greatly influenced by our new home of creative believers City Beautiful. It feels so professional and adult and motivating and influencing ambition to have this new blessing of a studio space that both Jamin and I can use. This means I'm back, back in the drivers seat of perusing my art in it's many forms for more than just myself, by myself at home. To be in a place where we can be inspired by the artistic people working around us. I've dreamed about this since I happened

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