Monday, September 3, 2012

inspiring creations of others

so I  of course in my labor day post giant late breakfast with friends where my husband and I ventured over to a friends house and made breakfast. Jamin making omelets of sharp cheddar, and onion and me on the waffle station making apple pie waffles and chocolate chip waffles. apple pie waffles consisting of some waffle mixture then some of the apple pie filling and then a little more waffle mixture to the waffle iron and let it caramelize as it cooks. Apple pie filling is 1/2 sugar, 1tbs cinnamon and one apple peeled and diced. you can add this mixture to the top of your cooked waffle also to make it extra decadent and dessert-y. I end up on the computer blogging and window shopping indie art items which of course I end up on etsy. I could spend a fortune supporting other artists. but myself being a broke artist-ish person myself I'm rarely able to buy anything but that doesn't stop me from looking all the time because sometimes the broke part does stop me from looking so i don't "want" and the whole not having internet at home stops me from looking too. but i also think that looking can act as inspiration surrounding yourself or at least your mind with the wonderful creations of others. So that being said I saw these mittens by Sarah McNeil I found and had to share, i'm in love.

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