Wednesday, October 3, 2012

mini animal creations

I've been posted up in my chair and on the couch the past few days sewing these little animals by hand whilst watching Gilmore Girls. For Jamin's and My wedding anniversary Jamin had this idea to get ourselves a couple books that we've been wanting. I got Under Wildwood the second book in the Wildwood Chronicles written by the lead singer of the Decemberists  Collin Meloy and his wife Carson Ellis illustrated it. The illustrations are awesome & beautiful. The other book I got at Barnes and Nobles was how to make Stuffed Animals by Sian Keegan. It's totally inspired me to make little stuffed animals to be used as jewelry to satisfy the the little kid in me. I've also been inspired to get back into sewing after taking about a year break from it, being interested in other things that I focused on like jewelry making and painting & drawing. I started brain storming on accessories patterns clutches and coin purses. I met a girl recently, Sheila, the girl who is the main artist at the studio warehouse that Jamin and I are joining. She makes these abstract leather collage bags. So i'm going to try my hand at sewing with leather. I've drawn up the pattern for a simple rounded bottom clutch and I altered my ribbon wallet pattern to make it out of leather. I'm excited to get our studio space set up and getting things rollin. Now I just need to get a Gocco machine, digital camera, get my sewing machine and serger fixed, design and order more fabric, get the film I've shot since May developed.

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