Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm back

Hello all,

a lot has happened since March. I now reside in my States capital, Austin. The land of outdoor living, the vegan option, breweries inside of BBQ joints, LOTS of food choices, small venue shows, the option to see practacally any music group that tours, vinyl, disc golf courses, plant stores, coffee shops, and enough yarn stores to make me jump up and down like I downed 2 pots of coffee.

knitting i've finished: the Tuck vest sweater, another cloche hat, 6 neck warmers, one prototype hat; & started knitting: another prototype hat, another neck warmer, my forest arm warmer pattern.

sewn: butterick 5994 pattern cut to be a shirt, one wallet, new look 6705 (which I would not reckamend, simmilar to the built by wendy patterns the arm holes are too small and high which makes the front of the blouse pucker out), autamen cover, back cusion for an overstuffed chair, 1 curtain.

Crafted: 15 Boutonnieres from scratch made up of fabric buttons, fabric leaves & fabric yoyos; 13 hair pieces consisting of 3 mini fabric yoyos on a bobby pin; fabric roses with 3 double sided fabric petals & more fabric buttons all for my best friends wedding; a puppy/cat bed from half of a vintage suitcase and 4 wooden legs from a hardware store with a pillow in a vintage pillowcase for cusioning.

Arts: Drawings: guache, watercolor & ink: 2 small paintings on wood & 2 on aquaboard, 1 (18" x 24") large face series, 7 (5.5" x 8.5") medium faces series, 5 (4" x 5.5") small faces series, 4 (4" x 5.5") character faces series, 6 (2 med, 4 small) house series, 2 (4" x 5.5") forest series; ink: (6" x 8"): 20 house series, 4 forest series, 1 character face series; pencil: (6" x 8") 7 abstract series.

We have some new additions to our family a 10 gallon aquarium full of fish and live plants, Isabella a cat and Lola our 9 weeks old hound dog mix we adopted from Canine and Cats (CNC) rescue organization. If you are interested in adopting a dog, they post up in front of Petco on brodie lane and another organization Austin Pets Alive posts up in front of Petsmart also on brodie lane.

I've also ventured into organic gardening, eco-friendly cleaning and felt hat making.

An eco-friendly tip to cleaning up dog pee or poo from rug:

what you need:
spray bottle of vinegar
baking soda
paper towels
wash rag
samll container for a bowl 1/3 filled with water
scrub brush that fits into the small container

What to do:
Pour some salt onto the Pee (only for pee)
Pick up poo; for pee pick up pee and salt with paper towels
spray vinegar onto area of rug
sprinkle some baking soda onto area of rug
take your scrub brush from the water bowl and scrub area
(you can repeat the vinegar and baking soda steps as needed)
then rub area dry with wash cloth

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  1. Oh I am jealous! We almost got to move there last year (hubby job transfer) but it didn't work out. I'd love to live there!