Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Tuck", spinning and a little striped mole

Marigold smoothie mango, peach & fresh orange again from daily juice. A little striped mole plushie my little sister made for a class of hers to remind her of mole: a unit of amount of substance.

The "Tuck" back is finished. The yarn is Cascade Yarns 220 Heathers in 2440. It took almost 2 skiens. I knit the back with size US 8 needles.

I bought some new fiber the other day from Hill Country Weavers. A brown alpaca and a baby sky blue wool 2oz. of each this time. Up till now I've only spun the sliver wool. The alpaca is sooo soft and I like the way it seperates when I pull on the roving to thin it more than the how the wool reacts. Here is my drop spindle in action spinning away.

woops, the yarn escaped the groove. I hadn't even noticed when taking pictures.

Here is a days work of the right front of the "Tuck" vest by Norah Gaughan. The pattern is in the Berroco pattern boolet spring/summer 2009 Norah Gaughan "excess story" collection. The cover says story: flower child which is the other collection in the same booklet. The yarn is also a Cascade Yarns 220 in a grayish color. I'm using size US6 needles for the front pieces.

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  1. That looks amazing. I could just bury my head it it's softness and sleep! Can't wait to see it finished.