Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the acorn hat

Ok, the brown experiment is now officially a hat, yay. I guess I didn’t really notice till I put it on but the edges are scalloped from the body pattern, sweet. And when I saw it on me in the mirror my first instinct was it looks like an acorn so I lovingly named it that on ravelry. The yarn I used and the needle size made it pretty large on my head. I think I’m still going to add an edge to it as another variation of the hat. I have no idea how to make pdf files, so I’ll have to look into that so I can post the pattern on ravelry. I also want to try to shrink it as much as I can and see how small I can get it. I’m really honored with the four hearts it’s gotten so far on ravelry compared to my other three in total over all my other projects.

Since I finished the first faze of this project for the moment, in researching for my next design project I opened up my newest Anthropologie catalog issue January 2009. And found one of the few knitted items on pg. 43 the withering frost vest. After finding the project that now interests me I set out to find what the stitch pattern is for the vest, searching google, ravelry, and library knitting books with not much luck. My husband and I ending up going to Hastings (a book and AV store) after our home church group where we are going to be going through the book of Mark this semester, anyways at Hastings I found two similar stitches one was in the “forest park dresser scarf” from the book “101 Designer One-Skein Wonders: A world of possibilities inspired by just one skein” by Judith Durant and the other from the pattern “wedding ensemble skirt” from the book “Inspired to Knit: Creating Exquisite Hand Knits” by Michele Rose Orne. I'll post swatches of those two designs later. I think this is going to be an ongoing project.

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