Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's on my needles...

Here is what's on my needles. The cream one is the "Ruffled Neck Kerchief" pattern from the book "Boutique Knits" by Laura Irwin. It is worked in a chevron lace stitch. I really like how it is turning out. I'm using US size 4 needles with lion brand fishermen's wool.

The brown one is my first attempt at making my own pattern. My first knitted creation of my very own, I’m so proud. It's going to be a woodland/forest/tree stitch themed Rastafarian style hat. Too bad I don't have dreads to stuff inside of it. I bet that would look cool when it is finished. Maybe I'll have to take a picture of it on someone with dreads when I'm finished with it. It is going pretty fast. I started it yesterday to take a break from the neck kerchief. The body is stitched in a curving lattice lace pattern that becomes reverse stocking stitch with embossed leaves around the crown as the hat is decreased and I'm going to add a rim with an acorn rib.

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