Friday, May 1, 2015


Spring is in full swing here in east texas. A lot of rain this year. For the most part my garden is loving it, my avocado tree not so much. Had a nice day off yesterday. Sold and shipped my first bead to Florida. Felt laid back and not stressed which is nice and not normal for me. Been really encouraged in my different artistic outlets via the people in my life and Instagram. I started a bigcartel to put some of my beads out there. I made 2 cactus beads on my new outside studio table we found at a local thrift store we had never been to before and had the chance to start a watercolor.

 I've been spending as much time as possible in my garden. We arranged everything around the camp fire this year, most of my plants I keep in containers. My favorites this year have been the bleeding heart, drift roses, coral salvia, oak leaf hydrangea, hummingbird mint, peach and pear trees which are bearing fruit this year, lavender, bluebonnets, pine one cactus, and my new olive trees I picked up in Austin last month. We made a rule to try and not watch tv before 8pm and try to spend time outside and being creative. 

Jamin and I occasionally play around musically together. Songwriting and music are one of his main creative pursuits. He's always been into music that could be described as weird or experimental, electronic stuff. So we're putting more time into it lately. He recently ordered me a korg midi keyboard to use with my Animoog app. It's fun and interesting to hear what we come up with with me not having much of a music background or understanding. Our band is called Mermaid Hair, hopefully it's not already taken, I did some research and didn't find anything. 

This year has had its hard bits but they feel like they are smoothing out.  It's been a really rewarding and actively creative year including screen printing, music, ceramics, watercolor, fabric tie dying, drawing, tattoos, sewing, knitting, spinning yarn. Looking forward to continuing creating, and becoming more motivated in getting out there with my art. 

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