Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Feeling really positive and excited about my ceramics lately. My husband has been keeping us diligently creative even when I get home from my plants day job. Like last night he had the little drawstring bags I got the other day all laid out with the tide dye and rubber bands ready to go. We got them all tied up and dyed up. I'll be using them as part of my packaging moving forward for my necklaces. I need to find or make some larger bags for multi bead necklaces. I love how much my husband has really taken to fabric dying. 

got some paracord to start using and some to tie dye. I need to get some more colors and play around with macrame knotting with my beads. 

I'm In love with dan deacons song "when I was done dying". It's made me think of lyrics and stories and the nobrow art books. 

It's weird wet north west weather in east Texas this spring, Making work kind of slow. the weather can get to me at times but my garden is for the most part loving the weather which I'm happy for. 

I'd really love to work with some other artist. Like both create something based on the same idea or theme and exchange some stuff. Interested email me 

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