Monday, December 1, 2014

December is here

Hi, hello out there. It had warmed up into the 70's since our first freezing temperatures and cooled back down in a matter of hours this morning. I'm hanging out in an old house from the 1940's with a room full of poinsettias, Ready to welcome December here.

I cooked for the first time for thanksgiving this year, a corn casserole and green bean casserole that I took to thanksgiving with my coworkers. The hit dish of the evening was german style red cabbage, sweet and tangy with cloves and other spices that make it smell like this time of year, warm and good. 

I've been knitting more this year since my friend Julie started a weekly knitting group. I'm working in my fifth pair of adult socks, a finished a pair of mittens yesterday and got inspired to make baby socks like the ones I saw on the Wiksten blog. Something about cold weather makes me eager to knit, I guess because it's the time when you can use what you make, it being cold and all.

 Last month I took a ceramics class, I'm in love with clay. Still a bit of a novice at glazing but I made a bunch of beads, a few spoons & a small planter intended for a succulent or cactus. I was so happy to hear about the class. I'd looked into finding a ceramics class within an hour if where I live to no avail. Then this summer we starting going to the gathering and one of the ladies who was there that night owns one of those pottery painting places and was offering a free ceramics class at the Methodist church downtown. Thanks God! I can't wait to start going by her place and making more stuff since she charges by the item to fire stuff, I don't need to wait till I own a kiln. 

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