Sunday, May 24, 2015

Friends + being and artist

I picked up my first batch of ceramic objects yesterday, fresh out of the kiln, painted and finished. Gave my friend A one of my new chillums with pink and yellow happy faces on it. Really excited about ceramic pipes, designs that look like artifacts, functional items. Our friends A+S came into town for the weekend from Austin and we got to hangout last night. Always a special time with them. I made her a mini sculpture of the illustration S did of her nose scar, a turtle unicorn, And was able to give it to her last night. Yay for handmade gifts to friends & fellow artists! 

got discouraged in the moment this week while looking at an artists website of the exhibits she's done. Sometimes I feel like I'm not legitimately an artist because in don't have a degree in the field or the experience of galleries and being in in the Art crowd. I've always been an observer and wished I knew more artist and had chances to collaborate with others, had a studio and made my living (a better living) by my art. I'm interested in so many areas and mediums. I want to get better in them all. I had to be reminded by Jamin that I am an artist because of this need to create and it's not the recognition that makes you an artist but who I am. It's feels like a true way of being, I'm who I was made to be, acknowledging, accepting and stepping into the pursuit of it with a consistency and diligence of work. And if something eventually comes to fruition of my dream of having shows and being in an art crowd and more artist friends, I'll enjoy my icing. But until then I'm happy to just create and feel proud that I like what I make and send it out into the internet making it available to others. 

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