Thursday, May 21, 2015

rain, rain, rain

It's raining, it pouring & it's sticking around. I feel like i'm getting a glimpse into what it would be like to live in Seattle. I love the rain, but i don't like it when the weather keeps me cooped up inside all the time, and my outside day job selling plants becomes so slow it makes you wonder how the business is doing. I don't like it that everyone around me is complaining about the rain. I love the rain and have no control over it and I'm good with that. For the most part my garden loves it with the exception of a few things that are struggling, my avocado tree, olive tree and penstemon, but everything else has grown more this year than any other here. The ants and mosquitos could leave town, I have noticed a little bit of a difference in the mosquito population lately because of all of the spiders/webs in the garden. Chloe has gotten so big that the last time she hung out outside on her pear tree, she walked too far out on the branch and it broke. I was a bit bummed because it was one of the only branches that had a baby pear on it, poo. But i'm glad the branch didn't break and fall, it held on as i rushed over to save her. 

I've felt pretty supported in my ceramics this year which is nice. I get compliments whenever i wear my necklaces, which is like everyday now. I guess i've always worn necklaces, it's just lately they are ceramic and make me jingle and in the past they've been more fiber based like knitted or sewn. I'm excited to be working on my first artist trade with someone I don't know in person. I'd really like to do more of these moving forward. Exchange stuff we're both currently working on in a package of goodies like the ones you got at camp or from pen pals or a grandmother. I was going to include a ceramic necklace, ceramic chillum, tie dyed bag, a drawing/screen print/painting, maybe a macrame keychain. I was planning on heading up to The Mud Hut later and painted my stuff that came out of the kiln yesterday or at least starting to paint it. Painting always takes longer than I think with the 3 coat rule. 

It's raining cats and dogs outside, that is such a weird saying. But hey it's raining. It's so dark in here, it looks like 6am. I've been playing around with necklace cord ideas. Paracord, tie dyed paracord, knitted cord, lanyard braided plastic cord, leather cord is what i've tried so far. Tried some hollow circle shapes lately. I have my first 2 fired and ready to paint and a third I still need to finish, Like hollow donuts. I like them, they remind me of artifacts from an ancient civilization or hieroglyphs made into form or those Pokemon hieroglyphs, the unknowns. I've also really been liking happy faces, my usual squiggles and shapes, dome lump shapes, pizza, bananas and palm trees. It's funny, I have two very distinctive styles right now in my ceramics, one is natural colors browns, indigo deep blue, leather, artifact shapes and the other is bright neon green and pink, shiny reflective material, plastic and paracord, 90's/70's icon shapes, tropical, karaoke, unnaturally colored hair like pink, purple, green, blue, 80's and 90's fabric and patterns.

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