Sunday, May 19, 2013

day of collages and new music

Since I started my new plant shop job and it being spring and therefore busy I've fallen into a lazy routine lately involving work and coming home and watching Big Bang Theory, taking care of my plants filling up our three windows and taking care of our pets; 2 cats, 2 frogs (australian whites tree frog, American green tree frog) and an anole lizard. All of which except for one cat we acquired in the recent weeks. Now on watch through number 3 of the series I started to feel the need to be productive and creative.

Today I was browsing etsy for a few minutes and came across an item a friend of mine favorited, from there I went to the girls blog, depeapa. I found her style, colors & shapes inspiring and felt refreshed and energized to create. A welcomed response and change to my couch potato nature as of late. 

So I sat down at my desk this afternoon and created the 2 above collages. 

I turned on some music from the music blog gorilla vs bear and found a band I really like Prince Innocence a band I had previously no knowledge of. I like how they don't look like they go together, they have catchy beats and professional videos which I found interesting since they are distributed through a small label pretty pretty records that through their website seems to have only 3 bands and have yet to release a full length record and seem to only have 6 songs all of which were release in the past year. I love this video of theirs, the prism lights, the random items and poster taped to the wall, the neon pop cartoon icons overlaid over the live video. 

The other video my husband found the artist last night and from what I heard I really liked at the time and remembered and found again today. Shuta Hasunuma on the same label as Balmorhea, western vinyl. A fun found sound electronic beats.

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