Monday, March 11, 2013


Recently I was inspired to start keeping a sketchbook. I've always been kind of OCD about art. I want to destroy my stuff if I don't like it so pages get torn out of sketchbooks, so I tend to work with loose paper. But after recently reading Leah Reena Goren's blog I thought I'd try it out, suppressing the urge to tear out pages if I don't like a drawing or painting. I chose one I had already, a present from years back. There were a few sewing pattern sketches in it already. But I started. I'm trying to not let a day go by without drawing or painting something in it. Most of it inspired by etsy artists I like, illustrators, some plants & nature items, Jamin & furniture, stuff I find on pinterest, miyazaki films.

A few days ago we went to a local home décor and gardening store, bypassing the home décor stuff and walking straight to the greenhouse. I love being around plants. It is my happy spot, growing stuff, nature, green. I walked down all the isles, a few of them multiple times. Checking out the succulents and cacti, ferns, ground cover, palms, and a few flowering plants. I could only get one and I ended up choosing between a poppy plant, flowering succulent, pony tail palm & a stag horn fern. I chose the stag horn fern because I ended up giving the one I had to a neighbor in Florida who wanted it. And now it is living in the window above the couch where it can soak up some indirect sunlight.

I wanted to blog everyday when I recently started blogging again but realized I don't always have something to share or say really. So my new more practical idea is to do so when I have something to show or talk about. It is weird how we make rules to things (like blogging) for ourselves without even thinking about it. That we all like things a certain way. I'm trying to learn to be more carefree and just do, make.

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