Friday, February 8, 2013


We moved again and are now living in east Texas, think iconic mass America. Land of chain restaurants and commercialism. We'll be on the outlook for local eats. So I may disagree with a lot out here but the nature around here is awesome. It's full of pine trees. Yesterday we went disc golfing, slightly surprised to find that they have a disc golf course out here. I've got my studio corner for the most part set up. We are living Tokyo style out in the country in a garage apartment that is 240 square feet, but considering it is one room, it's big enough for us. I like it, it is a challenge of how small we can live and the $250 rent is pretty sweet. We got a storage unit to put everything we didn't need with us. I've been surfing etsy a lot this past week. I'm excited for being more productive creating in our new space, everything is organized & in one room. I can't escape the view of art supplies from the couch, so no excuses to forget about it. Today I washed all my palettes and finished a project I started in Orlando. My friend Adrienne from "nice is different" catalogued her watercolor palette by painting an individual color on a little paper square from leftover paper (& drew little smiley faces on the paint) on the back you write what the name of the color is (and if you want to the make of the paint, because I found in my collection I have a few of the same name but different brands). It helps you to know exactly what colors you have because for the most part the color on the bottle or tube of paint rarely identically matches the color of the paint & how it looks diluted. It makes it easier to find what you are looking for. I have 11 rolls of film I need to get developed. Some of the photos are from when we lived in Austin, it's been a while. It will be a surprise to see what is on each roll, since I don't keep up with which roll is which and from what adventure.

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