Saturday, February 9, 2013

East Texas

a few shots from home so far. I felt a little bad about my mass america comment yesterday, there is just something about concrete & stores that puts a knot in my stomach. But as I said the trees are great here, great and tall, full of pine cones and pine needles that fall and cover the ground. 

I drew some yesterday, succulents, pine cones & feathers. Stuff I have laying around. I'm going to try to  be more diligent about drawing. I felt like making a stationary card, so I started a design. 

Recently I found this great new book series called "Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms" & "Horten's Incredible Illusions" by Lissa Evans there are only two books in the series but I really like them. I'm currently reading the second one but I read the first one in a day. You can find them in the young adult area in the children's section of a book store. 

Yesterday some family took us out to dinner at the one thai restaurant in town Lil Thai House, a small local joint where some other young college age looking kids walked in while we were there and we briefly thought about asking where they hang out, what there is to do in town but didn't figuring they were probably in high school. It was good, we were happy to eat at a local place. I got thai tea & panang curry & Jamin got green curry stir fry. My favorite was what Jackie got, the pad see-ew was awesome.  There aren't any coffee shops around here, just starbucks. Which is fine but i'm looking more for a place to meet young artistic people, have gallery shows & local music acts play. 

I've already been to the two goodwill in town. I got 2 sweaters, a guy shirt, a yarn picture of a pixilated waterfall, 2 things for friend packages, a plastic watch & Jamin found some black cole haan dress shoes. I thought I looked up that there was a goodwill outlet (blue hanger) around here, but I guess I was mistaken or it is farther than I realize. 

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  1. I went to that fountain with the seals all the time when I was a kid! Also, Scott's brother lives very near that park.