Saturday, February 9, 2013

studio today

The temperature dropped last night. And I just heard thunder outside, I think it is going to rain, making it even colder. It's kind of nice to experience some kind of winter weather, since Florida doesn't seem to experience much of it. A few nights we wore sweatshirts and jackets with toboggans but as we left there it felt like it was almost summer time again. Since our space is built inside of a garage it doesn't retain heat that well so it gets a bit nippy, but it is nice to be able to wear sweaters and chunky socks and cozy up under multiple blankets at night. 
I think I, like seemingly everyone else fell in love with Rifle paper company. While I was in Florida, since it is based out of Orlando, where we were. It makes me want to paint like her. I was playing around with flowers like she draws today. It feels like copying at first, but I feel like if I continue to paint flowers it will become something my own. It is just based upon inspiration at first. 

This Asparagus fern picture used to be hanging in my friend Pam's house as shown in the picture. I took a picture of it the last time I hung out with her and she gave it to me when I took a picture of it. She was like if you like it so much just take it. She's cool. We exchanged some stuff before we left. I don't think I'd ever done that before, exchanged stuff. It's a great experience, you give a friend some things they like of yours and they give you some thing you like of theirs and then all of those things will forever remind you of that person. It's a great was to be reminded of people. 

These two pictures are from a coffee shop in Orlando I miss "Downtown Credo". I didn't frequent it that much since I didn't live in the area (college park).  But it is a great place, non profit coffee space. Great atmosphere, very fresh and great soft light. The walls are decorated like this behind the coffee bar and above where all the sugars are. The other walls are left bare or used to hang the current show of artwork. The have workshops like writing and "cultivating a creative community".  I had friends that hung out there every day. They make the best iced dirty chai latte ever. And my friend Pam mentioned above bakes the desserts they sell. She is currently starting a new business for compost called "Fork and Spade". 

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