Tuesday, February 12, 2013

rainy day inside

Rainy day here in east Texas. The past few days really, drizzle then storm, lightning and thunder. I love how the rain makes the greens and browns of nature more saturated, rich. I've been really appreciating my new color swatches. Before I'd tend to pick out the colors I thought I wanted to use by the bottle color. I usually ended up using the same colors over and over, not really satisfied with the result of my choices. I feel i'm choosing better now that I know exactly what color i'm choosing. The scene above was our cat being cute and ironic this morning. He was taking a nap on a crocheted blanket using the hard wood of my chair as his pillow. Jamin pointed out that "shouldn't it be the other way around?" 

these baby moccasin booties were a goodwill outlet find back in Austin. I thought they would make a good baby card for someone (don't get any ideas, just thought they were cute).

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