Wednesday, February 13, 2013

surrounded by pine trees

We hung some more pictures up in our apartment yesterday. Jamin joked about sending pictures of our moved into 12x20 studio to Dwell because of how we used the space. It's like one of those ikea houses that you can walk around in at the store except without the walls dividing everything and making it feel smaller.

 I'm loving all the evergreen trees around here. I'm not exactly sure what varieties they are, I think just pine. but all the tall green trees are mesmerizing and comforting towering above me. It makes me want to sleep under them and the stars in the navy blue rich sky. It's a little cold for that, we'd have to bundle up. But I like camping in the cold, it feel truer in a way. The other night we hung out around a bon fire made with logs from a tree our tenants cut down on their property, they were all around 4 feet long and it was still smoldering in the morning when we step outside for our day, even in the drizzle. 

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  1. I think the two types of pine trees in East Texas are Loblolly pines and Short-needled pines. The Loblolly pines have longer needles and larger cones, I think. I miss the trees!