Monday, October 22, 2012


today I took a muumuu and a 3/4 length t-shirt I both got from goodwill outlet yesterday and altered them so that they are now wearable. I made the shirt into a tank and the muumuu into a skirt. I'm not sure about the elastic waist band I think I might change it to have a fixed waist band with button & zipper side seam closure. It feels at times that I can be a time waister at the studio but I think that is just because the time seems to pass quickly when I'm here. So today I wrote down a timeline of my day so that I could reflect on it and what it produced. How pink I am was unintentional.

1:15 dropped off DVDs at the library
1:45 arrive at studio
2:00 made green tea
2:15 turned on spotify
2:23 cut off sleeves of shirt
2:55 finished stitching shirt
3:00 cut dress into skirt
4:14 finished sewing bias tape
4:55 finished with sewing waist and stringing elastic throughout, fixed pocket
5:00 finished other pocket
5:12 hem done with matching thread
5:30 finished taking pictures of finished outfit
5:53 finish choosing pictures for blog
6:00 checked facebook
6:15 blogged

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