Thursday, June 14, 2012

been painting lately

now that we have art space set up namely a desk to spread out art supplies & a work space to make art and a bench to sit at the desk to make the art I have fallen into a routine. We get up and drink coffee if we have coffee and when we run out we drink tea. I sit at my desk, paint and read a chapter or so in the good word (Bible, ESV translation) and stare at the lines of light at the sun comes through the partially open blinds. Then as the day progresses i'll switch over to adding ice to my tea or ginger ale if we have it, sometimes adding orange juice to my ginger ale, it is oh so refreshing.

 Put on a record or i-tunes if the record player is acting up. It gets in moods where it doesn't think it is balances so the speed will change periodically during a song and it sounds like a bad remix. Maybe i'll put on an audio book which i guess is the best for me because i'll get tired of what i'm doing and want to surf the web or watch a movie after some time of listening to music but an audio book i'm listening to a story which to me is much more entertaining. But i recently finished the only audiobook i own "Wildwood" which is pretty entertaining but not quite what i expected when i started, but i still really like it. Maybe i should start it over again. 

I have all my Gouache and watercolor tubes and palettes spread out on the table so that i can see the colors. I'll choose two or three to start off with. Dabbing a bit of each into it's own little section of the palette, dip my size 6 round paintbrush into the little mason jar of water and start painting. With my abstract work lately i'll stop after a few shapes and then draw some and then paint some more going back and forth between the two. But with my faces i'll make the watercolor and set it aside to dry completely and then draw a face out of what i see the watercolor has become. I'll start with the right eye , then the nose, then left eye, mouth and detail of the cheeks or chin, the eye detail i'll complete as i'm drawing around the eye area. it usually plays out the same way every time. 

then i put them aside at the top of the pile in the category it relates to. right now i have faces, small paper abstract, square paper abstract, themed like stars or teepees, then rocks, and finally study drawings from real things like my feet or something. 


  1. Hi Lilah!

    My name is Steven M. and I'm one of the librarians at the Brooklyn Art Library. I came across your Limited Edition sketchbook randomly today and really enjoyed it. I looked through it once and then found myself turning back to pages that really stuck out at me. By the time I finally put it down, I must have looked through it at least 6 times. One of the best parts of being at the library is that you get to hold and touch the art work and see up close all the intricate details and effort and time put into each book.

    I just thought I'd let you know I really enjoyed your sketchbook, and I hope that you signed up for the 2013 Sketchbook Project! I want to see more! If you didn't, you still have until October 31st. Keep up the good work.