Monday, June 18, 2012

Leah Reena Goren

ok, so I got up this morning and made coffee, got in the word, started to draw & then thought of some pictures I had taken of a fern text at recycled books of these drawings of ferns on a microscopic level. Pretty interesting and inspiring for new forms for my drawings. One of the things that i'm inspired by, introduced to me by my good friend Adrienne. Which her work has been greatly influenced by, microscopic beings, bacteria, etc. From sifting through my iphoto photos to find them, I came across a picture of a bicycle dress that I had tried on at Anthropologie that I really liked but can't afford anything from there. I shop pretty much strictly at thrift stores, because I like old stuff and we both work minimum wage jobs, which leaves little to be spent on frivolity. So anyways, I checked to see if it was on ebay, which it is, but for almost retail price. Then I checked out anthropology sale and then new stuff and saw Leah's cat face print fabric made into a dress. Different from the one she sells on her etsy store and for a moment thought that anthropologie was selling a stolen design. But then was happy to learn that she got a collaboration with anthropologie. So cool and in my eyes prestigious for an artist. I want all of the dresses, ah the struggles of being a girl. But you should check it out, because it is pretty sweet.

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