Tuesday, June 12, 2012


No. 6 shoes on sale over at Stuart & Wright  instead of the normal $265 they are $186 right now. 
Something else i'd also like to invest in for around the same amount of dough $150 @ HouseinHabit, this 6' teepee that would be perfect for a reading nook with pillows on the floor in the corner of a room. I'm thinking bedroom since there isn't room in the studio or living room. I had a red one with four sides as a kid, i remember posting up inside of it upstairs with my mini tv watching the olympic gymnastics.  It just seems to fall into the decorating to cater to our childlikeness sides of being entranced by a good book and wanting to sleep in a teepee and small versions of things. 


  1. Ahhh, the blue shoes are so nice! The tent is cute too - maybe you could make one?

  2. i could probably make one, as to where one buys thick long sticks of wood i'm not sure and i'd probably have to get Jamin to carve the edges to a simi point but i could probably figure out the angles for the triangle shapes of the teepee fabric. it would be a small feat of a project. Yeah i told Jamin about the No.6 shoes during their last season of shoes and when i showed him the ones i liked for this season he was like "you still like that brand don't you". I was like "yeah", i admire them but never suppose i'll buy a pair. i'm happy with our one splurge of spending to be our art supplies and the occasional road trip and camping. I should probably invest into something more responsible like health insurance or savings before anything as strictly pretty and impractical as expensive shoes.