Saturday, March 10, 2012

up in the air

it's raining and it kind of suits my mood right now. I feel i've felt so much in the past few days i'm kind of drained. 3 days ago whilst driving home from work with my husband I told my husband i needed to tell him something. I felt it was time to go, all the sudden pretty strongly. His response was "that is so weird" in intervals on the way home. he had received the leading the day before. Like all of the sudden we don't belong here anymore, out of place that has been our town for the past three years. I feel like our upbringing has prepared us with equally nomadic spirits & our faith. For we live here on earth but our hearts are with God and one day we will die like everyone and everything does and then we will finally truly be home with Him. If you aren't a believer this more likely seems insanity and stupidity to you. We perceive things differently. For we are of a different nature. Everyone who believes had to be brought to belief by God. For he is the only one who can change your heart. Then one day by a step of faith entering the unknown you say ok to God and everything changes.
So here we are, a few days have past and so far just the ideas of possibilities that are in front of us. I want things to happen quickly to be where we are meant to be. I say "God i said yes, now what, what is next" and to request intricate details. but in the end I know "be patient". God has all eternity to work out his plans. So with bear hugs and laying on the floor in conversation my husband he comforts me and reminds me of this, of patience and peace. We need not worry, for we are not in control, we have only the perception of control.

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  1. Wonderful the way God works.. hard sometimes, but best :) I'v just started reading your blog, thank you for sharing.