Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So south by is over now and i'm left to confront our situation trying my darndest with prayer to not get overwhelmed by it all. Everything we went to was awesome but the local band "Dikes of Holland" rocks my world every time. We got to go to 4 out of their 11 shows they played for south by. I'm really gonna miss them playing when we move. We also got to see doomtree records and peter wolf crier.
Did you know that u-haul trucks are between 700 and 1000 to rent. I had no idea. I want to plan. the human in me wants to prepare or be prepared. It says "don't move till you can afford", "don't move till you have prepared" inserting deceiving reason. In a reassuring way that can also be scary as walking blindly (also known as faith) God will do what he has planned and everything will work out accordingly. I know this but I have spurts of overwhelmed-ness. It's a different feeling than I used to experience before I was a believer. My peace rests in my chest, firm and unmoving. It is there and never leaves me. This fleeting anxiousness is now experienced as almost not a part of me, like it crawls around on my shoulders wanting to get in to destroy my peace and makes me question doubt momentarily but then my core reminds me that we can call Him Father. All my peace comes from Him and just to be reminded of his sovereignty brings that peace that passes understanding, peace without reason, peace that only comes from God.

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