Wednesday, March 21, 2012

cold polaroids and life

So this is what happens when you take pictures in weather that requires you to wear leggings under jeans and multiples shirts and sweaters and socks to keep warm. where sitting right next to the camp fire after the sun has set with a blanket around you is too cold to be comfortable so you run off to your tent to snuggle into your sleeping bag that you pull up over your face to feel a sense of warmth. but don't get me wrong, you love every minute of it. living in the wild with only the sound of rain at night coming off the lake, the breeze in the branches of the trees above and around you. You get out of your tent in the morning to see the most beautiful morning light shining so delicately thru the branches of the evergreens around you. God, i hope to live in michigan some day or that it be a place I go back to often to experience the company of again and again like an old good friend.

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