Saturday, March 24, 2012


a few mountain-esk pictures i've taken and a post card.

this last one is by Nirrimi from her blog she is pretty inspiring, awesome. these are the blue mountains of Australia.

My heart longs for nature so much. This morning I awoke and remembered this picture I had seen on Nirrimi's blog of the blue mountains of Australia that she lives by. How beautiful a place to live. Maybe one day we will live by some mountains or visit her mountains. Texas has hills around Austin and we've driven by plateaus in New Mexico and the red rock pile mountains of eastern California. I've also been to snowy mountains, the alps in France and Mountains of colorado. My favorites are mountains covered in vegetation, in growth, in life.


  1. That top photo is really lovely! I might have to get a print.

    1. thanks, just tell me what size before we leave and i'll get one made. it came out kind of purple because the film was 18 years expired. pretty cool that it still worked, only in my yashica camera though, i used a roll in my holga and everything came out navy. so i guess i had to use a lower aperture and shutter speed with it unknowingly.