Monday, March 5, 2012


so the more i'm on flickr lately i find more photographers whose work i admire. i recognize that my work has improved in the past year that i've delved into photography. but you will alway come across peoples work who you are like "that would be a memorable experience to have done that or wouldn't that be cool to have that opportunity" so yesterday i came across such an artist that captured my attention. i found her blog by following the link from one of her pictures on someones tumblr.
her blog we live young leaves you aspiring to a greater go getter attitude. she decided she was a photographer at age 13 and now at 19 is a professional photographer, world traveler, gipsy/hippy at heart who just had her first child a little girl recently. it makes me feel so old and lazy. I feel like scarlett johansson's character in lost in translation when she is in her hotel room alone. I've spent so much of my life completely alone to a point of seclusion or solitude. Now i have a peace about life from knowing God and i have Jamin in my life.
I'm no longer alone but i still spend many of my days alone when jamin's working but i have the day off. I lounge around our apt. checking my flickr, watching movies i've watched before, drinking coffee and spiced plum tea, venturing onto our stoop and admiring the plants. especially lately the dwarf peach tree & passion flower vine that are in bloom right now. And one of our neighbors has a succulent collection they've placed in the courtyard of our apts.
I want to take more pictures of people. so i've started to take more pictures of jamin. i love candid pictures people take of friends at parties. i have two friends here. i've never been one to have many friends or a group of friends. in elementary school and middle school when i was in school i had a best friend most years. so i'm taking more pictures of him and i've been thinking of taking pictures of a local actress/model girl who did a play wit him last fall. I've been collecting a list of pictures of people i've found on flickr and tumblr thinking about what i'd do with a photo shoot with her.
We ate jalepeno pepperoni pizza tonight. We walked there...well i walked and jamin skateboarded most of the way getting ahead of me and then waiting for me and then skateboarding on ahead and then waiting till i caught up. we both listened to our own music along the way singing out loud at moments the tune or lyrics to what we were listening to.
now i'm watching yet again "lost in translation", a classic.

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