Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I've been negative about even thinking about thinking when we might possibly have kids and what it would be like and how we would react to the info. We don't plan on it any time soon but I can't help but think about it since I know 6 expecting couples 2 of which already had their babies this month. 2 more in october and the other 2 I'm not sure. But two of the girls are my two good friends from the town i lived in before this one. And with their baby showers coming up and me about to head up on a road trip to visit them i've gotten a little excited for them in my baby shopping and making baby stuff for them. I've been knitting a blanket for one and didn't want the other one to feel left out because I meant to make them both blankets but it was taking so long i lost interest and started making jewelry for a while but I knitted some today. I started and finished a pair of booties today. I found the pattern on ravelry, free pdf "Baby Janes by Valerie Johnson". It is a good simple fast pattern. I'd like to find one though that requires no sewing up parts. The under part of the shoe needed sewing together.

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