Sunday, August 8, 2010

knitted baby booties

Here are some baby booties creations I've come up with in the past 2 weeks. the left one is a lined overlapping cuff, the middle designed to look like a moccasin and the right a simple Mary Jane. All knit in the round in one piece. I really prefer to avoid sewn seams up. I like to keep my knitting and sewing separate. Some helpful details i used to make these were the Kitchener stitch & the button hole loop.


  1. love the moccasin one!! are you going to be releasing a pattern for these?

    ps - great blog!

  2. yeah, I'm thinking so. I just have to type it up and download an adobe file converter. And then make it available through ravelry and my site. they do seem too cute to keep to myself.

  3. Hello! I absolutey love the little white moccasins! I saw them on ravelry and was wondering if you were going to put up a pattern for them? I would be willing to purchase the pattern from you. I am pregnant and expecting in Feb and wanted to make them for the new babe! Thanks!