Tuesday, July 13, 2010

make a book

I've always gotten excited about the idea of making a book. Not just binding one but writing a story and illustrating it. I've never thought of writing a novel just short stories like my class did in 4th grade or this poetry program I was in in 8th grade. I love the weird stories kids come up with but have doubt in my ability to still have that kind of imagination where there aren't reality limits to your story. I wish I was a better illustrator but oh well. I got was I was given and peace in that. I got this idea today when I saw an artist little zine story book today and my mind stated to think about what kind of story i would write. First it was like well what am I doing right now and what is in my house then what are my routines like, neighborhood; then what stories have I written about in the past. I was never very good at coming up with the full written story just the idea of the story that was like the book synopsis; and then the weird stories I'd write during writing time in 4th grade inspired by hallmark ghost stories cassettes that they only carried during Halloween but my mom would buy for me to take to camp the next year. And then I got this awesome idea of illustrating some Bible chapters, new testament mainly. Like the meat on a sheet (Acts 10), The Parable of the Sower (Mathew 13), The Conversion of Saul (Acts 9). These are very visual to me although most of the Bible is.

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