Monday, May 17, 2010

tinted mint

tinted mint, originally uploaded by eveneve2.

the tinted mint at the renegade craft fair. One of the booths I made some purchases at. I got 4 rolls of tape. Two sold color and two polka dot patterns. She talked to us about going to school for design and how her dream would be to start her own business where all the products were her designs. I like what she's got going on right now though too. Her imported from Japan tapes and papers. All very cute and tasteful. she was very professional and nice. Check out her website and etsy.

She was the only individual vendor booth who had an interactive craft section apart from the interactive craft groups booths. which was awesome. Adrienne and I sat down for a moment and made these little cards with entirely tinted mint products. The left one is mine and the right Adrienne's

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