Monday, May 17, 2010

pommes frites

pommes frites, originally uploaded by eveneve2.

Really cute useful stuff like refrigerator magnets with maps on them. I got two, one each from England & Ireland for my husband who has a love for all things England. I thought that they would remind him of his trip there. They also had these books that you could put things in. They suggested a flask or toy gun but neither of those things are really my bag. So I was thinking like a secret/special things box. Like when you were a kid and had a memory items box with little trinkets and bits of paper/movie stubs and ribbons I'd won. Check out her etsy and blog.

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  1. hey... thanks so much for the shout out! I'm glad to hear you like the map magnets... my fridge is decorated in them now, with all my "special" places. I'm actually taking pictures of some right now to put online.

    glad to have found your blog, too! xo, Kristen