Saturday, May 15, 2010

leah duncan at the renegade craft fair

leah duncan, originally uploaded by even eve.

I gasped when I saw Leah Duncan's booth. I've fell in love with her art online and follow her blog. It was like meeting a rock star. Her booth was so pretty. The kind of pretty where you have to keep repeating the fact that it is pretty. It was just so pretty. Her artwork is pretty her fabric, she designed and made through spoonflower is pretty. I want to get some of her prints and maybe a pillow case. I put 3 items on hold for tomorrow, maybe a pillow case too, we'll see. You can check her stuff out on her etsy.


  1. oh, it does look pretty! i really like her work, too. are we still on to go tomorrow? i hope so!!!!

  2. yes, I only got to go down one isle of the fair before my dad showed up to help me tow my car to get it fixed.

  3. hi lilah! it was so nice meeting you and thanks for the great write up on my booth. really sorry about the credit card woes again, good to hear you're enjoying your prints. : )