Tuesday, April 27, 2010

thinking of etsy

So I'm thinking of opening my etsy store again. It's been a while. I'm constantly creating things from new crafts so I'm not sure yet what I'll be selling. I have some knitted neck warmers and i enjoyed making vintage fabric boutonnieres for my friends wedding, I'm looking into making prints of my art and I'm currently making knitted geometric stitch sampler baby blankets i still have some wallets and lipstick pouch coin purses in my stash of finished items, maybe even some small embroidered wall hangings.

I'm getting some (blue ink on natural cotton ribbon) sew on tags made and ordered some red and white bakers twine and blue gingham sticker labels for pretty packaging.
I still need to get some butchers paper or natural kraft paper which is what i want to use to wrap each package.

A new friend of mine showed me this fabric she ordered off of etsy. Heather Ross designed this fairy tale fabric series called far far away with this blue unicorn fabric and greenery designs.
I've been spring cleaning yesterday, today, prob continue tomorrow. Organizing books so they aren't double rowed on shelves and you can see every books spine. We have a lot of books. Organizing Cd's and sewing/art/embroidery/button supplies. Centralizing nick knack items. Sorting and putting away/throwing away piles that accumulate like ants setting up camp in our apartment. Dusting & wiping down everything. It is amazing how much dust collects from 4 cats and perpetually open windows; I like fresh air.


  1. on heather ross's blog, you can see images of 'far far away part 2'.


    i love the owl and the pussycat fabric. also the one with moon faces.

  2. the kitty fabric is really cute. Makes me want to watch Miyazaki's The Cat Returns. The moon fabric is like 50's cartoon novelty print.