Friday, January 23, 2009

Sylvi by Mari Muinonen

I bought my first PDF knitted pattern today. I think it is beautiful. It is called Sylvi by Mari Muinonen located on the website twist collective. It is $7 but I thought it was worth it, since I like it so much. I was thinking of making it in purple, yellow, or blue.


  1. I, too , just purchased the beautiful coat pattern. Would love to make it. Love the red AND the purple. Decisions, decisions. Thanks for posting it in purple.


  2. I just purchased the coat pattern and I can't wait to make it. Not sure what color--purple really looks beautiful. So many colors so many choices.

  3. It's been awhile and I just saw this pattern today. I'm tempted by it even though it looks insane to knit. Have you made any progress with it?
    I'm wondering if it is interesting and engaging to knit as a project this big is something I would struggle with continuing if it were tedious or frustrating.
    Thanks so much for any help you can provide. :D