Thursday, January 22, 2009

drinking lots of tea

On my fifth cup of tea the boiling water reminded me that I wanted to try and shrink my acorn hat. So I filled a sauce pot with water till it began to boil I placed the hat in the pot poking it under the boiling water with tongs. I let it soak for 4min. I poured out the water in the sink and with the tongs I placed the hat on a folded in half towel waiting on the floor. It was still steaming, so carefully I laid the scalloped edging out flat. The hat didn't seam to have shrunk much. I think it got larger... So I'm filling up my spaghetti pot this time, the sauce pot seamed to be a little small. Ok so I let the hat boil in the pot for 20 minutes. It didn't shrink at all. I guess Lion Brand fishermen's wool doesn't shrink. Well now I know. This time when I poured out the hot water in the sink. I have a double sink, so I poured out the water in one and had dilled up the other side with cold water. And placed the hat into the cold water after pouring the water out. I squeezed the water out being sure not to rink it out & then hung it up to dry. When searching for info on shrinking knits I found this wool crafting.

I added the acorn rib pattern around the edge. I decreased the rim from 106 to 81 stitches. And now it is a dread hat.

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