Wednesday, October 28, 2015

turning fall

I just finished my math homework and my history homework wasn't available yet online. It's strange going to school after such a long break, 8 year. I feel a little old to be trying at this point but i remind myself that everyone has their own path in life and it is only destructive to compare them. But it helps that i don't looks, or dress similar to others my age. I don't know that my style and taste has changed much since I was 18. It is just more defined, sharper edges to my taste, more distinct and well sewn finished seams instead of raw edges to my clothing. I still tack up prints from artists I follow on instagram on my walls, when back in the day I found my interests on livejournal and flickr. back then I used sticky tack and now I use holographic fancy tape and wooden thumb tacks or wire/string and mini wooden clothespins. It feels like or I should rather say looks like fall now. The temperature is still in the 70s but leaves have changed and fallen, it recently rained for 3 days straight and the ground is still saturated almost a week later, pine needles, small branches and pine cones litter the ground where we live. I started to bring in some of my house plants that usually live outside because they tend to die when I bring them inside. I haven't quite mastered inside plant care yet. So now the two small windows in our living space think garage windows is now a mass of rich green vegetation, a mini tropical forest. The plant section at Lowes is my favorite, if I lived in a larger city I would go to local nurseries but as it is the local nurseries where I live do not carry cacti or house plants usually. I started knitting again recently and finished a pair of ankle socks last week, a project that had the first sock casted on and the small 1" rib done, I just picked it up from there. This week I started a pair of crew socks an inch or so taller than ankle for my friend to wear with her ankle boots. I also updated and am starting to use again ravelry. check me out on ravelry I didn't make any beads this week because of school and knitting. I also had been feeling pretty drained from social media lately and have been using instagram less even though it's my favorite. It been refreshing and a relief to step a small step back and remember to be present and have peace and joy in being myself and pursuing what I feel lead to pursue that day and not feel so bogged down that I had people unfollow me on instagram or not make any sales this month on my etsy store. One productive thing I have been doing towards my business is going through an online workshop my mom signed me up for build-a-business. Im taking it slow, taking my time, focusing on school and real life.

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