Monday, October 15, 2012

First creation

... from new studio space.

I've been working on making little knitted patterns recently, the first one I completed since the new move is the little fox. I made the mushroom one a while ago. I don't mean to be so cutesy but what i've deemed as my Japanese Kindergardener side tends to come out in my knitting. I'm half way through my first run of my second animal pattern, a bunny. And God gave me this pretty cool idea of what to make a pattern of next that I'm really excited about. I'm gonna keep it on the down low till I have something to show for it. but I'll say that the idea makes me smile and reminds me of summer. 

Despite my lack of sleep lately due to my time punch job "retail" and my Gilmore Girls watch through, I'm happy with my productivity this past week. I made three variations of the little fox to work out the kinks. I found a 90's dress that I liked at goodwill that reminds me Wiksten's marguerite or Anna dress. I just love all of her stuff, she is so inspiring and diligent. I traced the outline of the dress and made a loose pattern of it. I'm still working out the kinks in that pattern. I wanted to fully line the bodice but in the end the light cotton fabric I used just didn't drape well, it was a little stiff. I'm gonna try just a yoke for the bodice for my second attempt. I made it out of an old floral sheet, very seventies-esk. 

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