Friday, June 1, 2012


it's raining today, overcast and peaceful. We moved and now live in Orlando, Florida. It's very different from Austin, Tx. I like our new place though. We have been cooking and there isn't a bug problem that i can tell yet. We were able to get a bigger place. So we will both get a little studio area. I'm excited about that. We put all of our stuff in storage when we drove into town and just got our perishable items back and they seem to be unharmed. Praise the lord. I was trying not to think about it but i was kind of worried about my film and Jamin's Vinyl. But everything's ok. yay! I got a skein of sock yarn and some needles and some paint and paper to tide me over till i get everything unpacked and buy a desk. We gave away most of our furniture when we moved. Our truck was too small. So we opted to keep the stuff and get new furniture, although we did keep all of our bookshelves. We have a kind of obsession with bookshelves. I wish there was a half priced books here in Orlando. We will have to find a good used book store here. I still need to find a photo lab here and art supply store. And make a friend. I'm kind of excited about being a homebody though although i do miss the live music and of course my friends in Austin. Nothing can replace that. It feels like a new start. Now to see how this blind leading to a new place plays out. It's odd but in a good way how we never know what lies ahead. We can get settled and feel comfortable in a place to where it doesn't seem new anymore but in the end our everyday lives are a mystery. The sunsets are and night sky are beautiful here. I don't know when i'll open up my etsy stores again. I'm gonna focus on creating for now and put the selling on the back burner. So here is to this adventure we call life. 

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