Monday, June 4, 2012


woke up this morning to coffee in bed from my hubby :) We set our new work schedules where we just moved to to have the same day off together. It was the first time we got to experience it. It was nice. We both chose a place we wanted to find in the city. I chose an art supply store and Jamin a vinyl store. A guy last night at church told me of an art supply store and so we checked it out today. I looked at watercolors and Jamin looked at collage supplies. The store was called Sam Flax, it is Orlando's equivalent of Austin's Jerry's artarama or San Antonio's Herweck's or Asel's. So yay, art supply store down. check. And off we were to a vinyl store we found with google maps, rock and roll heaven. We found it just down the street from the art gallery opening for a collage artist we went to the other night at gallery twelve21, a show called "in bloom" by Brandon Mclean. They have more old stuff than new stuff but they did have new stuff and they can order stuff for you too. The store was overflowing with boxes of 7" and 12" under tables, in piles in back rooms or just stacked in the middle of the room in the $1 vinyl area. We found our vinyl store, a mix between waterloo and end of an ear, two record stores we frequented back in Austin. Then we walked across the street to a bar called The Caboose and played two games of pool while partaking in their $1.25 mini drafts in frozen mugs. While we were there we befriended an 87 year old veteran from WWII and Vietnam a fighter pilot and secret services agent (Which in his words just mean your gonna get shot at a lot). He showed us a picture of his wife that had died 10 years ago and told us that they had been married for 40. The picture was an old black and white solo and family portrait that he had laminated from the 60's. His daughter in the picture looked like Joan Baez. He asked us if we could make out the nationality of his wife and when we both guessed wrong he said she was native american and he joked that she could scalp him if she had reason to or I guess if he ever gave her reason to. then we came home listened to some music and made a little piece of art each.  

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