Friday, August 26, 2011

Busy bee

I've been busy with my two etsy stores latley. eveneve where i'm selling my photography prints and triangle vintage where i'm selling my vintage finds. I work retail right now and it kind of bites. I like how working a job you don't care for makes you rely on God while your at work more consciously. But sometimes i just don't want to waist my precious life being a cog in corporate materialism. It's like that "Switchfoot" song "gone" lyrics "time was never money". I've been going through my photo inventory and posting my favorite in my etsy eveneve store. As an incentive I'm offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING with code KICKOFF at checkout!.
Last year i took my holga 135BC camera to ACL. I'm not sure which one I want to take to ACL this year or what to take pictures of there. Maybe my yashica but it is kind of heavy to lug around all day being on the brink of heat exhaustion. But this year i'm prepared as much as i can be for the sun. I got this wide brim gardening hat from a local convenient store and I ordered a neck cooler from etsy like the ones they used to have at festivals when i was in elementary school. I'm gonna be kind of quirky, but thats ok. as long as i don't feel like i'm dying from the sun. which i had a moment like that last year. I hope it is less crowded too, we'll see. i guess i'm getting older.

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