Friday, March 25, 2011


well the car broke down yesterday. The stick shift only goes into 3rd and 4tha dn reverse is now 1st gear. But it is just a car so no big deal just an inconvience and money. But God has kept my peace about it. Which i'm thankful for. no reason to worry or fret they do no good or acomplish anything just praise God for a new day and his sovrienty. I don't know his plans but he does and i'm ok with that.

Maybe not the best thing to be happy about but i got the day off. I'm going to get the car towed to a mechanic for a diagnosis and watch avatar the last airbender cartoon series. I vacumed the kitty covered floor which always makes me happy, clean floors. Maybe scan some photos into the computer and upload them onto flickr. Get into the word (bible ESV) the translation I prefer but it is also fun to read the same part from multiple translations to get a better picture. Maybe paint or draw or play wii fit. So many options.

Have a nice day and i leave you with this to ponder on. Do you know Jesus and who do you think he is and can your answer be backed up by bible scripture and if you don't like him is it because of other people who you thought were Christians but they don't follow the two greatest comamdments to love God and love others.

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