Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lazy day

i guess i have a lot of lazy days lately, i'm tryling to make an effort to do something with them. like what would i do if i didn't work and all my days were like this. Right now i feel i have a good balance of work and my own time. thanks God.

It feels like the light around this rose today. That overcast cloudy misty day that makes such a beautiful green.

I got up this morning and checked out my flickr it gives me a motivation boost when people have favorited my photos and posted comments and posted on tumblr or reblogged on tumblr. I'll check out the tumblr sites that have blogged a picture of ine and usually find some talented flickr people to add to my contacts list.

Made some coffee today, it felt like a coffee day, i've been drinking solely hot tea for a month or so now. I love my japanese hot drink disenser (not sure what it is called which isn't saying much since i forget regular english words all the time). to describe it, it is large... well, tall, it spins on the bottom like a lazy susan, the inside is glass, the outside is metal, on top of the handle is a plastic part that bends back and turns into a pump to pump out the drink inside through a spout. But it keep coffee hot and not burnt like if i leave it on the heating plate of the coffee maker. anyways i really like it.

I went outside and took some pictures of apartment neighbors plants. missed a picture of a sleeping cat, i woke it up and it ran away, poo. but yay for remembering to write down f stops and shutter speeds.

strawberries 4/8
strawberries 2/1000
cactus 2/250
roses 2/1000
all roses 2.8/8
all roses 2/1000
clovers 2/1000

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