Friday, May 21, 2010


Wow, the feeling of productivity. I like it. I got up, took pictures of things to upload onto my etsy today. Made four new etsy listings for some of my art. Blogged. Walked to get breakfast tacos. On the way back home saved a dog, called the owner (tags people, it is important!), returned him to his owner and took a fat nap all before lunch time. snaps(made myself laugh) to my husband who walked the dog "wrangler" home all the way bend half way over because we didn't have a leash with us and didn't know if he liked to be carried. Yay :)

For those of you who have never thought about helping dogs on the side of the road with no owner. They probably have one. Here are some things that come in useful. We have a leash, collars medium and small, dog food & treats, dog toys, a medium dog sized dog pen the kind with the wire where they can see through the entire thing NOT the I'm gonna take my dog on a plane dog crates. With a bed in it. We have cats so we have to take precautions if we are going to be housing dogs we don't know. This is the second time God has allowed us to help a little dog out. I'm thankful :)

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