Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Look!!! I have sew in tags now, YAY!

Finally. I mean really. I've been sewing for 11 years now and finally I have sew in tags. Now I can sew them into all my new creations and probably add to some old creations when I get around to it and take new pictures of them once it is done so my etsy pictures are accurate. I love them. I thought the blue was going to be lighter but it is easier to read this way. My husband and I when he got home and I showed him were like double high five excited. sweet. Got the day off today from my job that actually pays me. This stuff I do because I feel led too like an itch I have to scratch. And I love doing all of my artsy crafty things even though all of those interests cycle and for some reason I feel jealous of those who only have one interest and are super focused and talented at it. But this is the way God made me, so Praise the Lord :) I bought them from Taylor made designs on etsy, check her out. She gocco prints them. What do you think?

Her packaging was really nice and intricate. It came with a mini sand dollar that I put by my display of prints I bought at the renegade craft fair (Austin 2010, but you probably figured since I'm gonna have like 40 posts about this event) & randomly it came with a stick of gum, cool.

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog :) I think your tags came out beautiful. I am glad they got a "high five" from you and your husband. Too cute :)