Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ben Folds & a Polaroid

Went to see Ben folds play last night at outdoor stubb's on his Ben folds and a piano tour. It was pretty sweet. I got a poster. Met 3 new people which is always nice. Sarah if you are reading we totally need to follow through with finding and signing up for life drawing classes. I'm really interested. My friend Adrienne used one of her precious Polaroids to take a picture of my hubby and me. It is pretty sweet. Afterwards the black and white years rocked the outdoor encore stage. It was fun.

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  1. It's Sarah! Sorry for the late reply Ive been prepping for summer. I'll be in Santa Cruz for 10 weeks...when I get to Austin again at the end of August I'm up for life drawing. I guess we can figure all that jazz out when it comes closer to then. Excited to meet you at Ben folds, I had been wanting to get more creative in Austin after leaving architecture and just hadn't really found the opportunity (of course I couldve most definitely made a bigger effort, it can't be hard on Austin) I saw some of your art! Crazy cool you have talent :) I'm gonna bookmark your blog! I just created
    one for this summer a couple weeks ago It'll be more active in June when I finally get there! I'll get better at tech communication..and hope to keep up over the summer! I like the pic!