Wednesday, December 23, 2009

little face 2

My second little 4x4 inch watercolor board face illustration with brown watercolor, black ink, pale mint gouache. I'm out of watercolor board now and so want to run out to the store and buy some more but apart from not having the car today like most days hence the using my home like a studio and having the time to do so. The store would now be closed so I think i may order some online and wait in anticipation for it to arrive in mid January I would expect. I like him the little rock lines growing from everywhere are identical to some abstract drawing I did back in September. maybe I'll post some of the later. I was inspired to try some abstract sketches after being thoroughly inspired by an exhibit at the Austin art garage(an entirely local artist gallery in south Austin, it is pretty sweet, not pretentious at all and free lone star at their openings once a month) of Cathrine Hart's work. she also inspired me to start using gouache again since I hadn't used it since college (middle school) in France. I never knew it was opaque watercolor till recently or that it was available in the States having never heard of it in my 14 years I spent growing up in the US. I think he looks tired and like he is thinking while you talk.

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