Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christ mas

Happy eve of Jesus birthday. Apart from the blurred part this is what our Christmas tree looks like.

Lola got her presents starting Monday but the real gifts including toys came today. Monday she got $15 worth of natural dog biscuits in various shapes and sizes with what looks like frosting and sprinkles but isn't, from this place in Austin called Groovy Dog Bakery. She loved them, ate them all up in 3 days.
Today she received a 96 count box of petite greenies, a 10lb box of dog biscuit bones in assorted flavors, a pigs ear, rope ball, rope with knots and a tennis ball on it, a cushy pad for her pin (her safe area and where she sleeps), cherry scented anti itch shampoo(she has some dandruff but the medicated shampoo smelled toxic so I opted for the less severe approach), one rawhide bone with flavored rawhide ribbon around it, and a small bag of mini treats for training. So far we have taught her to sit, shake your hand & lay down. We are still working on the hands/legs/clothing your wearing are not chew toys but understands no which is good.
The kitties got 2 different kinds of kitty treats. And everyone got more food from the pet store including the fish. So all the animals are taken very well care of and enjoying their Christmas.

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  1. Happy holidays! Thanks for your comment, and I hope you had a lovely Christmas. :)