Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Austin Yarn Crawl

Since I've been in Austin, Texas Feb. the 16th, 17th and 18th. I've been splitting the time with my husband to try and visit all the yarn stores in this town while he wishes to visit all the Half Priced Book stores. It is looking like at the last few not well internet known LYS I won't have any more money to buy anything but that just means I've found so many wonderfully inspiring yarns to call my own so far. I sort of the threw out the rule that was set up at the begining of the trip to only buy three skeins at each store when I walked into Hill Country Weavers. Before this trip my stash only consisted of yarn that could be found at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, & Walmart; it was mainly lion brand yarn which I like. I ran out long ago of the yarn I bought at the only other yarn store I'v ever been too. I forget what it was called but it was located in Sommières, France

Mon. Feb. 16th: My first yarn store to visit was Gauge knits. The nicest/youngest yarn store owner of all the stores in Austin. Clean and organized, everything is off the floor even the cubby hole shelves that are mounted on the wall. Everything is grayscale colored except for the yarn which makes the yarn stand out. Smaller selection of yarn than other stores but an awesome selection. It took me a while to choose which ones I liked the most because I couldn't buy it all. They have seating in the front where you can hang out and knit and a large seating area around a table in the back and more comfy seating. My choice as the most stylish yarn/knitting store.

Wed. Feb. 18th: Went to The Knitting Nest today. I walked in and walked around stacking skeins in my arms. their yarn was on white cubby hole shelves against one wall and two iles of waist height shelves, in metal wash tubs and hanging from racks. they have a simplistic setup of all white with rainbow colors of yarn. The wooden floor and large dark wooden table for classes are nice accents to the store. The 2 ladies in the store were nice and the stores mascot dog was sleeping in his little pin. They have a nice setup of an all wooden balling station with a yarn length measurer. the only disapointment that I didn't bring up was their shirts have a sign saying they are $18 and she charged me $20.

Thur. Feb. 19th: I went to Gauge knits today. I saw on their website that they have a Third Thursday Open Knitting group from 4-6pm. There were 3 other ladies and one of the store owners that was there when I went there the first time. One of the ladies was making a Barbie poncho, one was making a double sided kitty scarf that was going to say "YUMMY" before the letters are reversable and two seaters were being made. I couldn't help myself from buying a skein of "Rio de la Plata" 100% merino wool in a mulicolor ply of cappuccion, iguana, sudan brown, sparking grape, sky blue and red orange when I was leaving.

Fri. Feb. 20th: Visited bluebonnet yarn shoppe today. They had mostly mixed synthetic yarn. The store was pretty laid back, some of it had fallen on the blue carpet; this seemed to be a norm. Not my favorite selection of yarn and I noticed the same books were more expinsive than other stores. In the end I found some past issues of vogue knitting winter 07/08 and fall 08 that I got and a skein of "Elsebeth Lavold" silky tweed a 40% silk, 30% cotton, 20% merino extra fine, 10% viscose in 17 green dye lot 7

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